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Trayce Thompson is a proud big brother who has always supported him throughout his MLB career, and on Sunday, the Warriors star was in the building at Dodger Stadium for the series finale between the San Francisco Giants and the Los Angeles Dodgers. K

Klay Excitedly Celebrates Trayce’s RBI Double Against Giants | Double Vs Giants – Pixabay

Klay was having a wonderful time behind the Giants’ dugout, even sipping a beer for his Instagram account.

Trayce gave Klay a chance to jump out of his seat and celebrate in the bottom of the seventh inning, tripling to the wall in right-center to drive in Max Muncy. The hit made the Dodgers’ advantage 7-4.

Klay instantly began leaping up and down and high-fiving everyone in his vicinity.

Klay will undoubtedly be the first to congratulate Trayce after the game.

Klay Thompson celebrates Trayce Thompson’s RBI double against the Giants.

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors was the greatest Los Angeles Dodgers fan on Sunday, especially with his brother Trayce Thompson playing and showing there.

The Dodgers broke a 4-4 deadlock in the bottom of the seventh inning and drew away from the San Francisco Giants. Trayce added to their opponents’ woes with an RBI off a hit to the stadium’s far-right centerfield with the score at 6-4.

Naturally, it enthralled the home crowd. The happiest person in the room, though, was Klay, who couldn’t keep his emotions in check. The Warriors’ star sprang from his seat and began cheering wildly.

But it’s a cool moment, and you love watching the family celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

The Dodgers’ bottom line was Trayce Thompson’s RBI, which helped them seal a four-game series sweep. It’s also the latest in a spectacular breakout season for the 31-year-old outfielder, who is averaging.270/.352/.476 in 24 games with two homers, 11 RBIs, and 17 hits.

That’s just additional cause for Klay Thompson to rejoice.

For his part, the Warriors guard is enjoying his downtime after leading the team to the NBA title in 2022. During Sunday’s Dodgers-Giants game, he was even seen sipping a beer for his Instagram followers, extending his celebration tour, Read More Articles.

Who is the best shooting guard in the NBA?

Who is the NBA’s top shooting guard?
Ranking the NBA’s Top 10 Shooting Guards for the 2022-23 Season #8 Jalen Green. #7 Klay Thompson. #6 Bradley Beal. #5 Zach LaVine. #4 Anthony Edwards. #3 Donovan Mitchell. #2 Jaylen Brown. Booker, Devin Was the Suns’ loss to Dallas in the Western Conference Semifinals a wake-up call or the start of a downward spiral?

Is Klay Thompson a top-10 shooting guard?

Thompson was placed No. 7 on the list of 22 shooting guards from across the NBA, two positions ahead of Poole. The complete set of rankings may be seen at CBS Sports. Thompson made his widely awaited comeback to play during the 2021-22 season, following a two-season sabbatical due to significant injuries.

Who is the best shooting guard in the NBA 2022?

Devin Booker of the Phoenix Suns is ranked first.
Booker has evolved enormously as a ball-handler and facilitator for the Suns, and he can burst for 40-plus points at any time in any game, which is why he is the league’s greatest shooting guard right now.

How much do NBA shooting guards make?

Rankings of Shooting Guard Cap Hits in 2022
1 Beal reached the player cap. Bradley Beal WAS WORTH $43,279,250.
$22,492,568 George Paul George LAC
3 Thompson GSW Klay Thompson $40,600,080 4 Zach LaVine, CHI $37,096,500

What’s the difference between a shooting guard and a point guard?

The offense is run by the point guard, who is generally the team’s top dribbler and passer. The point guard protects the opposing point guard while attempting to steal the ball. The shooting guard is generally the best shooter on the squad. The shooting guard is a good dribbler and can shoot from great distances.

What do NBA players get paid?

Everyone knows how much money NBA players make. With an average player salary of $6 million per season, the NBA features some of the highest-paid sportsmen in the world. Due to their abilities and worth to their teams, players such as James LeBron and Kevin Durant command the highest salaries in the NBA.

What’s the job of a shooting guard?

Guard for Shooting
Aside from being able to shoot effectively, the Shooting Guard must also be capable of dribbling quickly, passing, and having court vision by viewing the court. He is also in charge of moving the ball down the floor and executing offensive plays.

How do you become a shooting guard in basketball?

If you want to be a shooting guard, you should practice jump shots, shooting with a rapid release, and shooting right after receiving a pass without dribbling. Move Without the Ball: Because the point guard will have more time with the ball, shooting guards must learn to move without it.

How long can you stay in the box in basketball?

The defense and offense have three seconds to stay in the paint or risk a three-second rule penalty. If a defensive player is actively guarding an offensive player, he or she cannot stand inside the color for more than three seconds.

Who is the richest NBA player?

Jordan, Michael
Michael Jordan is the NBA’s richest player, with a net worth of $1.7 billion, according to Forbes. During his basketball career, he earned US$90 million in salary, but reputedly gained US$1.8 billion (pre-tax) in endorsement deals with companies such as Nike, Gatorade, and Hanes.

How much is an NBA pension?

The contract pays players an average of $3,828 per year for each year they played in the league. A player with at least three seasons, for example, will earn $11,484 each year. The athlete with the most years of service, such as Freddie Lewis, will get $35,452 every year.

How tall do you have to be to be a shooting guard?

The shooting guard must be able to shoot long jumpers from behind the three-point line. NBA shooting guards are typically 6 feet 3 inches (1.91 m) to 6 feet 7 inches tall (2.01 m). There are, however, exceptions. Allen Iverson, for example, is just 6 feet (1.83 m) tall and plays point guard and shooting guard.

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